Norway fines Tesla for battery depletion in old-fashioned Model S and Model X electric vehicles

Norwegian car owners say that software upgrades have reduced battery life and charging time, and the electric car manufacturer may have to pay them $16,000 each.

Tonight, in “Unresolved Software Updates”, mysterious battery drains appeared all over Norway. One day, the owner of an older Model S sedan woke up and found that the range of their sleek American EV was declining and the charging time was longer. In one of the coldest climates on earth, is this just normal battery life and stress? No, Forbrukerklageutvalget (Consumer Complaints Committee)! According to the Norwegian authorities, this is a situation where the new software deliberately reduces the speed of the old hardware.

Electrek reported that Norway, which is equivalent to the Norwegian Federal Trade Commission, is ordering Tesla to pay compensation to approximately 10,000 car owners who reportedly have performance degradation after the software update in 2019. Affected vehicles include the 2016 Model S P85D, which Norway revealed that it did not promote its 691 horsepower new car, and the Model X P85D. According to Electrek, once the fastest, longest battery life, and most expensive Tesla interior is on sale, the P85D seems to lose battery life and take longer to charge.

Tesla will automatically send and install software updates to each car. The exact rate of decrease is unknown, but remember that after Apple’s software update, the first generation of iPads and iPhones suddenly slowed down and lost power? The new Apple software could have kept the battery of the old device, but it would randomly slow the device and shut it down. Last year, this update cost Apple $113 million.

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According to Electrek, American Tesla owners have reported similar concerns with Norwegian owners in the same car, and a few months after the update, a Californian filed a class-action lawsuit against the automaker. But American Tesla owners have no money.

In a few months, unless Tesla responds, Norwegian car owners will receive the equivalent of $16,000 in compensation for their troubles. (In 2016, Norway forced Tesla to pay these P85D owners for nearly 8,000 horsepower for each car. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, when the software update was launched, Tesla became the consumer of all Norwegian automakers The company with the most complaints. Norwegians also buy Tesla and general electric cars at the highest prices in any country.

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